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marquee @ the fox / 18/04/09

kilowatts @ the fox / 18/04/09

dj miles @ modern love, new foundry / 19/04/09

spinoza @ unsung heroes, b.side / 17/04/09

crowd @ unsung heroes, b.side / 17/04/09

Welcome to the latest installment of Communikey (aka CMKY), an old party with a new festival established in beautiful and bountiful Boulder, Colorado. Bringing in some of the hottest known and the soon to be heroes in the scene, CMKY is playing host to some of the most explosive and progressive gatherings of like minded electro-warriors. Between the mesh of small private club parties, secret remote outdoor blowouts, tailor made artist showcases, and now, a full fledged festival, CMKY has been doing its homework and legwork to create a grandiose yet intimate 3 day exploration into the depths of electronic sounds and what they represent. Not only does CMKY host a series of all night dance fits, it fills the brighter hours with some things that resonate a little longer than the beats. With forward-thinking panels, kids workshops, educational and participatory activities, all the while staying true to a commitment to develop sustainable techno culture, CMKY is doing more than throwing a party. Despite its infancy, CMKY 2009 is wise beyond its two years landing international acts and the biggest brains in the business. Here's a brief of how the weekend went down:

The party goes into full swing the night after a low key opening cocktail party. At the B-Side Lounge, there were two stages on either side of the venue with DJ's Ejival, Spinoza, David Day, and Nordic Soul. The crowd came in full force despite an unseasonal barrage of snow.

Saturday night at the Fox; CMKY's main stage. Not only did Future Simple, Mr. Projectile, Kilowatts, and headliner Thomas Fehlmann of Orb turn out Boulder's biggest venue inside-out, they got the entire crowd amped enough to keep them going after the space shut down. Outside, after Fehlmann's set, awaited a bus equipped with massive stereo equipment to ship the party patrons out to an after party at a warehouse on the outskirts of town. The population doubled and the party went early into the next morning... absolute mayhem.

After demonstrating the potential of Nintendo DS systems in combination with Korg Kaos pads, Lukatoyboy of Dispatch Festival based out of Belgrade, Serbia conducted his pupils in the kids performance in the park Sunday afternoon.

Modern love Sunday. These British boys came on like a storm. Although they played individual sets, Stott, Claro and Miles work together like the well oiled family machine the Modern Love label has brought itself up to be. Andy Stott's bass shook the pool hall used for the closing night of the festival, one watering hole which had never before seen the likes of techno fanatics, never mind a sound system of its caliber. Regardless of its electro-naivety, the New Foundry hosted Modern Love and the CMKY audience quite well. Closing nights at a festival like this can be either all out crazed or dead in the water, which with the epic and sun filled day that lead to Sunday evening, the latter was likely. However, the Modern Love lads could set fire to salt water if they wanted to. DJ Miles, a flawless master of vinyl, threw down acid classics until the pool hall owner got up on stage and made him stop.

CMKY is still in its beginning, and while it wears its youth on its sleeve, that child like energy also serves the momentum and excitement building within the atmosphere surrounding Communikey. A small mountain town typically associated with bluegrass or jam bands may seem an unusual breeding ground for what some are buzzing as a minor techno mecca, but regardless of stigma, one thing rings clear though CMKY: Boulder has it going on.

-Sam Campbell

nicolas jaar / live @ communikey / 19/04/09

d numbers / live @ communikey / 19/04/09